PhillySocFem (Philadelphia Socialist Feminists) was established in January 2018 out of a desire to better articulate the ways in which class struggle relates to gender and race in Philadelphia and beyond. We are a community organizing group committed to principles of socialist feminism and fighting racist, patriarchal capitalism. Our work, which involves hosting events, fundraising, planning actions, supporting local political campaigns, facilitating political educations programs, and building intersectional working-class solidarity, is often done in coalition with local leftist and socialist groups. While some of us are card-carrying members of the DSA, we have no affiliation with Philly DSA. We are always welcoming new members of all gender identities.


We stand in solidarity with feminist and anti-racist movements leading the resistance against patriarchal and racial capitalism across the world: Indigenous women at the forefront of fights against the fossil fuel industry (in Central America, Canada, the United States, and elsewhere), Chilean feminists denouncing neoliberal austerity regimes, Brazilian feminists fighting rising authoritarianism, and Black Lives Matter protestors across the United States demanding an end to violent policing in favor of communities of care.

We stand against the injustice of living on stolen land, the injustice of dispossessing people of their livelihood for the benefit of the few, the injustice of restricting freedom of gender and sexuality to maintain a privatized and devalued nuclear family structure.

In Philadelphia, we stand on land taken from the Lenape Indian tribe, Native Americans who were decimated by settler colonialists. We live in the poorest big city in the United States (the richest country on earth), just across the Delaware River from Camden NJ, the third poorest city in the country.

We live surrounded by prisons that steal fundamental freedoms from roughly 3.2 million members of our communities, and by a police force that has taken the lives of 1,165 people only last year, the vast majority of whom were people of color.

We live in a country where the murder of Black trans women, such as Dominique Rem’Mie Fells, who was found brutally murdered in Philadelphia in 2020, is reaching crisis levels. We live in a state where policymakers are stubbornly working to further constrain reproductive freedoms, and often succeeding. A state that is one of the biggest sources of emissions driving the climate crisis. In a city full of the toxic products of fossil-fuel capitalism that poisons the most vulnerable among us.

Our world is in crisis, but the legacy of feminist working women-led movements shows that crises are also opportunities, opportunities for dramatic progressive transformations. And we are starting to see some examples here in Philly!

This year the Domestic Workers Alliance fought for working women who have been ignored for decades and they WON! Longtime education activist Kendra Brooks won a historic victory in the Philadelphia City Council election. Inspiring organizers like Project Safe, Working Educators, and Juntos are fighting every day for sex workers, teachers and students, and migrants in our communities in Philadelphia. Nikil Saval, newly elected to the PA State Senate in the First District, committed one of his core campaign platforms to Universal Family Care. The Philadelphia Community Bail Fund is leading the fight against incarceration and amplifying the call to #FreeBlackMamas and stop the rampant criminalization of Black neighborhoods.

The struggle continues, and we are in good company.

The numerous injustices of the present moment call for a bold reimagining of the ways that we structure our world, our communities, and our city. Socialist feminism is the future!

Drop us a line at socfemphilly@gmail.com to learn more.

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