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The call to defund the police is also a call to invest into our communities. We demand the funding for a city in which we fight poverty, not the poor. We demand funding for a city in which safe housing is a right, not a privilege. We demand funding for a city in which all workers are paid a living wage. We demand funding for a city in which schools are staffed with counselors, not cops. We demand funding for a city in which nutritious food, clean air and water are guaranteed for all, not letting polluters off the hook. We demand funding for libraries, parks, and mental health services instead of teargas, tanks and riot gear. We demand an end to the bloated budget for the police and instead a real investment in communities of care that are explicitly anti-racist and committed to dismantling white supremacy. 
In 2021, the contract for the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police is up for negotiation. We must seize this opportunity to reject the racist business of policing as usual and to demand infrastructures of care that support all Philadelphians, not the property of the 1%. Join Philly SocFem in a coalition to interrupt these contract negotiations and to envision a thriving Philadelphia grounded in communities of care. While the details and tactics of his campaign will be determined through a collaborative process engaging all coalition partners, we envision a combination of protest and political education to connect the multiple struggles of this moment. Our goal is to bring together the many organizers already doing this work, to link the urgent demand to defund the police with visions of racial, economic, and gender justice rooted in caring communities. Together, we can eliminate policing of all kinds and collectively reimagine safety based on communities of care in our city. 

Showing Up for the Uprisings Against Systemic Racism, Oppression, and the Police State

As socialist feminists, we are adamantly invested in fighting against police violence and systemic racism. We have been out in the streets proudly joining arms with a movement that rejects the murderous status quo in favor of communities of care. We envision a world that is free of racism, exploitation, and oppression of all kinds and are committed to working in coalition with Philadelphia community members and movement leaders to realize that vision. Racism is endemic to capitalism, as is gender-based oppression and economic exploitation. The system that created the conditions possible for George Floyd’s murder, and so many others who were brutalized and killed before him, must be abolished.

No justice, no peace.

Black Lives Matter.

Endorsing Nikil Saval for PA State Senate and Rick Krajewski for PA State Rep

Philly Socfem was proud to endorse Nikil Saval and Rick Krajewski. Both are Democratic Socialist community organizers committed to fighting for our communities and realizing a Pennsylvania where working class and poor communities can thrive. Krajewski and Saval share many socialist feminist platforms including dismantling mass incarceration, funding public education, universal family care, and housing as a human right.

In light of COVID-19, both candidates transitioned much of their campaign work to focus on mutual aid and outreach to our most vulnerable neighbors. We supported them through encouraging our members to phonebank and donate to their campaigns.

And both candidates won!

Their victories add to a growing progressive block in Pennsylvania state politics and demonstrate the energy and momentum around our movement for a better, more equitable future.

International Women’s Strike in Philadelphia

On March 8, 2020, we led a coalition of groups across the city to plan a rally, march, and family-friendly potluck in solidarity with March 8th, the day of the International Women’s Strike. The day was filled with movement building and community members rallying in solidarity with feminist, worker-led movements all over the world, demanding an end to all forms of oppression in our communities and social justice for future generations.

Thanks to the full list of March 8th coalition who made this event so powerful!

Philly SocFem, Philly We Rise, Girls Rock Philly, Global Women’s Strike, Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike, United Home Care Workers of PA, Philly Socialists, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Working Families Party, Philly Childcare Collective, Philadelphia Socialist Alternative, Temple Young Democratic Socialists of America, Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, LILAC, Philly Bail Fund, Refuse Fascism, Reclaim Philadelphia, Unite Here Philly, Philly Boricuas, Abolish ICE PHL, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, W.I.T.C.H. Philly, Masculinity Action Project, Resource Generation Philly, PA Working Families Party

Solidarity is Sweet: a Night of Queer Comedy to Benefit Project SAFE

On January 24, 2020 we hosted a night of queer comedy and performance to benefit Project SAFE. WE RAISED OVER 2K to support sex worker-led organizing, advocacy, and harm reduction.

We are so incredibly grateful for everyone who joined us and made the event so special. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PHENOMENAL PERFORMERS! We are still radiating in their brilliance– follow and support their work below!

Messapotamia Lefae, Oliver de Luz, Gab Landrum, Tan Hoang, Tim Kov, and Queerbait (Shannon Fahey and Rose Luardo).

This event was part of a larger campaign that Philly SocFem is working on dedicated to supporting momentum around sexwork decriminalization. If you are interested in supporting sex worker organizing in the city, we highly recommend donating to or volunteering for Project SAFE.

Revolting Prostitutes Reading Group

We’ve been reading Revolting Prostitutes by Juno Mac and Molly Smith throughout December and January to better inform our work.

Let’s Talk About it: Sex Work

Let’s Talk About it is a political education series organized by Philly SocFem and the Local Initiative Local Action Committee (LILAC). The second iteration of the series focused on sex workers rights and involved a screening of the 2001 film “Live Nude Girls UNITE” about sex worker unionization in the late ’90s, as well as a facilitated talk with the co-director, Vicky Funari, and organizers with Project Safe, a grassroots organization based in Kensington that support the health and well-being of women working in street economies.

Supporting Nic O’Rourke and Kendra Brooks for Philadelphia City Council.

Philly SocFem was proud to support Kendra Brooks and Nic O’Rourke insurgent campaigns to unseat the GOP and run as independents for the City Council seats reserved for Minority Party candidates. Philly SocFem raised over $2,000 during our fundraiser, and canvassed with LILAC to reach voters across the city. We are immensely excited that Kendra Brooks was successfully elected and look forward to working with her to fight for the rights of working class and poor Philadelphians.

Supporting the Philadelphia Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Domestic workers like nannies, house cleaners, and home care workers do the work that makes all other work possible by caring for other people’s home, children, and loved ones. The vast majority of these workers are women, immigrants, and people of color, who face low wages, unsafe working conditions, and sexual harrassment while carrying out their work.

Philly SocFem pushed Philly DSA to join a broad coalition of groups to endorse the Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance as they fought for the creation of a Philadelphia Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, which grants critical labor protections for these workers. On November 26, 2019, the bill was signed into law, which will go into effect in May 2020. We look forward to supporting the worker-led movement to fight for domestic workers rights and ensure that the Bill of Rights is enforced in 2020.

Advocating for Consistent and Reliable Childcare

As socialist feminists, it is critical to us that the reproductive and care labor is centered in the work that we do. That is why many of our members have been active organizers in Philly DSA’s Childcare Committee and have worked to connect leftist groups across the city with childcare providers, ensuring that free, quality childcare is provided at every meeting (and ideally snacks too!). Providing childcare in movement spaces not only brings in caregivers to the work that we do, but enables us to build inter-generational socialist community. We are inspired by the work that our comrades in Pittsburgh DSA have done around their “Socialist Sprouts” program, and try to mimic the holistic approach to care-giving and movement-building that they model.

Spring into SocFem: 2019 Picnic

Philly SocFem regularly hosts social events like picnics, hikes, and happy hours. You’re always welcome to join us and learn more about what we’re doing!

2019 Socialist Feminist Convergence

The 2019 Socialist Feminist Convergence took place in Philadelphia on April 26-28, 2019. The conference was organized, hosted, funded, and conceived by Philly SocFem and brought together a diverse coalition of organizers, union leaders, academics, activists, and DSA Socialist Feminist groups to share skills, workshop campaign ideas, and develop a shared strategy for building power and solidarity across the country.

Over 200 people attended the free conference across the three days and nearly 30 presenters led workshops, lectures, and activities, including a keynote speech by Tithi Bhattacharya and panels featuring Patty Eakin, Cinzia Arruzza, Kate Doyle Griffiths, Sophie Lewis, and many others. Topics ranged from prison abolition to centering childcare in movement spaces to fighting for reproductive justice. It is impossible to express our gratitude to all the people who made the Socialist Feminist Convergence a success, but we are especially thankful for the generosity and passion of donors, facilitators, and attendees who made #SocFemCon 2019 so great.

Listen to recordings of select presentations at the SocFem Convergence here.

SocFem Convergence Fundraisers

In order to pay for space, equipment, food, and travel stipends, Philly SocFem hosted a series of fundraisers for the SocFem Convergence. The events included dancing, batting cages, performances, and speakers. Special shout-out to our comrades in the NYC DSA Socialist Feminist Working Group, who hosted a ’90s-themed fundraiser on our behalf in New York!

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